Change is inevitable.

By Tuesday Strong

Yet many are surprised by disruption that leads to major, unplanned changes. Why does it seem we are unprepared to navigate through the most challenging times in our lives?

I know we can do better because I’ve experienced disruption and major, unplanned change in my life. Today, I offer understanding and practical advice to support you as you navigate through change and transition. Supported with insight from experts, Disrupted: Four Strategies for Navigating Major, Unplanned Change is my manifesto on how you can simultaneously navigate your way through high-pressure decisions while understanding the impact of today’s actions on your future.

Don't Just Drift Through Change

Need to feel supported and inspired?

Disrupted: Four Strategies for Navigating Major, Unplanned Change is the story of how a vehicle accident changed everything instantly for one family.

Many think they would know what to do if major, unplanned change happened to them. This is not always the case.

In Disrupted: Four Strategies for Navigating Major, Unplanned Change, you’ll learn new ways for understanding, coping, and getting your life back on track.

Navigating through major change can be challenging but it can also be quite rewarding. This book offers support and guidance while acknowledging the tough realities associated with disruption. Grab a copy today from Amazon. 

About Tuesday

Tuesday Strong is a coach, consultant, and advocate of lifelong learning. During the past 30+ years, she’s supported the personal and professional development of others. Tuesday thrives on helping others achieve their goals. She believes in the power of motivation and commitment, even in the presence of obvious disadvantage (She dropped out of school at age 15, received a GED at age 18, and went on to receive four degrees, one from a top 20 MBA program, all while working full-time). She is committed to embracing challenges, recognizing that value resides in the lessons we learn in the face of adversity.

Tuesday Strong