Develop Your Career by Staying Focused

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Can You Help Develop Your Career by Staying Focused?


What have you done lately to help develop your career by staying focused?  It was while watching a great blue heron during a beautiful Captiva Island sunset that I realized how similar we are—that heron and me.  The heron was doing his job.  He moved up and down the beach, darting in and out of the water.  People were laughing and talking and were fairly close to him but he wasn’t distracted by them, he stayed focused.  He was aware of everyone and his surroundings but he was intent on doing his job.  Watching him made me recognize our similarities—we both have jobs to do and part of how effective we are depends upon our ability to stay focused on getting things done. 

We’re often so busy just “doing” that we seldom take time to recognize the value in what’s become natural for so many of us.  Distractions are guaranteed.  It’s how we manage them that matters.  It was while on vacation that I realized that working and staying focused is what brought me to such a beautiful place to see an amazing bird just doing his job.  So, can you help develop your career by staying focused?      


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