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Customer Service is Everyone’s Job


In these times of heightened competition, incredible workloads, and increasing levels of stress, some individuals fail to consistently put the customer first even though customer service is everyone’s job.  Who has the time to reflect upon the basics that can help when delivering customer service?  Serving others is why so many of us go to work every day.  Yes, employment offers a means of providing for us but it also provides ways for us to add value by serving others.  This requires placing an emphasis on customers even when we do not directly work in customer service or in other external facing roles.  What is all too easy to forget or overlook is that everyone, yes, everyone has “customers” to serve whether or not they realize or acknowledge it.

Every individual you interact with in the workplace is a “customer” even if your role involves merely being a professional co-worker and peer to others. Consider if incorporating a few basics align with your perspective – they may increase your effectiveness:

  • Listen and discover ways in which you can add value
  • Consider the perspective of others
  • Be adaptable
  • Go above and beyond – add value when it’s not expected

As employees our customers are everywhere.  This includes our management, co-workers, peers, and other internal and external stakeholders.  Good customer service practices should not be “turned on” for the external customer but rather it should “always be on” because everyone is your customer.  Customer service is everyone’s job. It can be fun and rewarding and your approach can make a huge difference.


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