Why did you continue your education?

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Tuesday Tips on Careers


I’ve re-read many of Nelson Mandela’s quotes over the past several days.  One in particular, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” resonates with me.  I apply this quote to my circumstances and believe that education is an enabler of change.  Do you?  If so, I’d encourage you to reflect upon why you continued your education.  What did you want to change?

This quote caused me to pause and think about how education has impacted my life.  Continuing my education resulted in my receiving much more than I originally pursued.  I set out to broaden my knowledge, abilities, and opportunities but I gained so much more than I could have imagined possible.  Since graduating I’ve been fortunate to be involved in various education related initiatives and witness education enable individual, organizational, and economic development.  My opportunities can be attributed to education and a host of other factors including being in the right place at the right time and expressing a willingness to assume new challenges for which I’d never been formally trained.  I truly believe that education changes lives, my life is proof.

I hope that education has positively impacted your life and enabled you to realize your dreams or paved the way for you to realize them.  As we wind down this year we’ll be urged to reflect on the past year.  So celebrate your successes and the progress you’ve made toward realizing your goals and show appreciation for those who have supported your efforts.

We’ve all been fortunate to attend Indiana University and receive an education that serves to enable our progress—a foundation to support the fulfillment of our aspirations.  What do you seek to achieve or change?  You have the education.  Perhaps you’re ready to set new goals – maybe stretch yourself more during the coming year.  Whatever you do, I wish you all the very best in the New Year.



This was created as part of the “Tuesday Tips on Careers” Series on the Official IU Alumni Association LinkedIn Group.


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