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Detroit Lions’ Ryan Broyles is Owning It!

Broyles Uses Road Maps to Achieve Goals I first learned of Ryan Broyles when I read an ESPN headline about him being financially frugal early on in his career in anticipation of his future. I’ll admit that I know very little about football but I’ve heard of the perils of athletes who are paid well. […]

OWN IT! Take Charge of Your Career

OWN IT! Take Charge of Your Career

Have You Taken Charge of Your Career? Develop Your Personal Brand and Succeed in a Crowded Market Through Professional Development, Storytelling and Networking Technology, globalization and the pace of change continue to be drivers for independent career management. Work environments and the way in which we work and think about work continue to change at […]


New Manager’s Success Plan

10 Strategies to Position Managers for Success How can you stop stressing over your role as a new manager? • It’s not about having a college degree. • It’s not about being selected over other applicants. • It’s not even about knowing the right people. The real secret to being an effective manager is being […]

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What Managing Without Guidance Costs Us

Hiring, training and attrition can cost us a lot but managing without guidance costs us as well – much more than we might think: First, it can cost us our jobs. We may think because we’ve acquired a certain level of experience and education that we’re somewhat insulated from cutbacks or outsourcing but that’s not […]

Beyond Your Job Title

Keeping Your Job Title in Perspective Throughout the years I’ve cherished the wisdom and support of my mentors and truly inspirational leaders. The challenges and opportunities I’ve experienced have afforded me both learning and growth and at times, great joy. When you know who you are and what you value, your job title begins to matter […]

Your Career Success Begins with You

Focus on Your Professional Development Each of us has a choice, accept what happens in our careers or take actions that position us for success.  Your career success begins with you.  While this is obvious to most, to some it isn’t and they approach their careers by passively accepting their careers, rather than taking a […]

Take the Initiative to Advance Your Career

Are you someone who’s known for showing initiative? If not, you may be negatively impacting your ability to be promoted or secure a new position. Initiative is, “the ability to assess and initiate things independently” ( Stand Out From Your Peers Applicants for new positions are commonly asked to describe an example of a time […]

It’s All about Relationships!

Relationships are the key to your professional success. Opportunities often result because of who knows you and what you’re capable of. Your connections can offer you opportunities directly or refer you to others. Are you investing in establishing and cultivating relationships? The pace of today’s business keeps many of our schedules full with little or […]

Overcoming Obstacles

We had the honor of meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills and attending a screening of Running Brave, a film about his life, this weekend. Billy’s story is unique—he overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve his goal of winning in the Olympics. “A member of the Oglala Sioux tribe, Mills was brought up in impoverished circumstances […]

Stay Engaged to Increase Opportunities

While it may seem to go without saying that you can increase the number and quality of the opportunities you receive by staying engaged with others some fail to realize the importance of this seemingly simple concept. Successful professionals realize the importance of staying engaged and active with their networks and ensuring time is built […]