Brand Ambassadors Know What’s Trending

Posted on: November 21, 2012, by :

What’s Trending?  Ask Brand Ambassadors


Brand ambassadors are usually “in the know” and appreciate the value of staying current with news, trends, and progress in general.  Many are savvy users of technology who connect socially online and in person, actively growing and enriching their networks.  They are often a resource for others and have a network readily available to engage and be a resource for them.  Trust is paramount within such networks and is reinforced over time.  Newcomers are often referrals or friends of friends.  Close knit communities such as these are prime opportunities to learn about organizations and the changes that are impacting markets, industries, and brands.  Savvy brand ambassadors understand the significance of their organization’s brand and they also understand how being associated with established and well respected brands positively impacts them as individuals.


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