Brand Ambassadors are Your Organization’s Storytellers

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How Did Your Brand Ambassadors Learn the Stories?


Brands establish relationships through promises of value to customers.  An organization’s story of their brand, or their brand narrative, communicates how they add value for customers by meeting needs.  Brand ambassadors learn the brand’s story from the organization’s actions. This value proposition is held in high regard by customers and should be equally valued by organizations because they risk losing customers when they act in ways inconsistent with their promise of value.

Organizations define who they are by their actions.  Their actions are communicated by employees and others who tell the brand’s story.  Actions define values and communicate promises.  No amount of marketing can truly be successful at telling a brand’s story if the story and the organization’s actions are inconsistent.  Actions reflect authenticity.

Organizations must be able to clearly and consistently communicate their brand promise.  This is easier for employees to do on behalf of the organization if they understand the organization’s history and what makes the organization unique from competitors.  These elements are part of the organization’s story and help others understand how it adds value for customers.  The brand narrative tells its’ history and goals creating an emotional connection with customers.  Brand ambassadors are storytellersBrand ambassadors can begin adding value today by ensuring they are prepared to tell the organization’s story.   Organizations should prepare them to tell the story.  

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