Beyond Your Job Title

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What’s in a Job Title Anyway? 


Throughout the years I’ve cherished the wisdom and support of my mentors and the challenges and opportunities I’ve experienced have afforded me both learning and growth, and at times, great joy.  When you know who you are your job title begins to matter less.  Yes, they matter to most professionals but other aspects to our lives matter just as much and more often that not, more than the job title.  While a variety of reasons contribute to level of success one realizes, I continue to appreciate the value of hard work and perspective taking.  I’m a firm believer that they are critical to my effectiveness.  Ursula Burns’ advice that “where you are does not define who you are” resonates with me.  This CEO of Xerox shares the wisdom of her mother that we can apply to our personal and professional lives.  Consider what would remain if the benefits and challenges of your circumstances were removed.  Think about yourself beyond the title associated with your employment and all of the circumstances that create your environment – many aspects remain including your values and ability and willingness to work hard and take the perspective of others.  These aspects and your approach can combine to help you learn and grow as well as enrich relationships and enhance work performance.  You may find value in considering that “where you are is not who you are” and how hard work and perspective taking can be important to the success you realize regardless of your personal or professional circumstances.  Your job title is only one descriptor associated with you – value it as such.


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