Be Unique to Get the Job

Posted on: February 3, 2016, by :

I noticed Paul Drury, HR & Recruitment Blog Ghostwriter at, posted the following with his wife’s photo and a sign with “hire me” on LinkedIn a couple of days ago:

“This is Julia.

She is my wife.

She is looking for a job in Logistics.

(one hour from Cambridge, UK)

She will kill me if she finds out that I have posted this.

Please LIKE it to help her.

Just don’t tell her ….”

At the time of this writing the post had received 2,908 ‘likes’ and 258 comments ranging from “I would so kill my husband” to “awesome work”. Among Paul’s replies he mentioned that Julia has a day of phone chats lined up and possibly a couple of opportunities. Good for Julia and Paul. What a creative inspiration!

Dream JobHow often do you go out of your way to get noticed? Following routines can be habitual and can result in someone else getting the promotion or position. What can you do to get noticed for your unique contributions? Now what will you do? Be unique to get the job.

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