3 Ways You Can Benefit from Working with a Life Coach

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Most of us are extremely busy, and often our free time is planned in advance. The problem is that our busyness can interfere with actual progress toward our goals. On occasion, we plan our weeks so full with activities and tasks that they are impossible complete, let alone enjoy. And how we fill our weeks doesn’t always position us for long term success.

Over time we feel stressed and discouraged from wondering why we can’t achieve more, why we can’t be happier with the path we’re on. Is there a way to stop this cycle and the frustration that comes with living in such a state of busyness?

Yes, there is and it’s easier than you may realize. Often what we need is a fresh perspective, clarity and a renewed motivation.

That’s where a life coach can help. A life coach can empower you to make decisions and change behaviors that result in immediate impact. 

What is coaching?

A coach is an accountability partner who helps you clarify and take action to achieve your goals. Coaching involves the coach and client in a co-creative process—a process that involves a high level of communication and problem solving.

1. New Perspective

Coaches ask critical questions that help you understand your motivations and real desires.

2. Clarity

When you work with a coach, they can help you understand your options and clarify action plans to reach your goal.

Coaches discuss with you where you want to be, where you are now, and what needs to change to help you achieve your goal.

3. Motivation

Coaches serve as accountability partner who speaks with you on a regular basis to help you make progress toward your goals. They support you as you move through changes that you haven’t moved through before on your own.

For example, I help clients in many ways including:

  • Taking responsibility for their personal and professional development
  • Preparing for career changes
  • Dealing with workplace challenges
  • Learning how to manage others
  • Developing life skills such as planning, goal setting, budgeting, networking, community involvement, etc.
  • Managing intense workloads/commitments (think working full-time, going to school, and having a family, etc.)
  • Focusing on self-care
  • Handling career transitions
  • Preparing for retirement

Do you think you might benefit from working with a coach? Contact me today for a complimentary discovery session.

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