Month: February 2020

career planning

How to Leverage Career Planning for Success

4 Steps to Guide You Throughout Your Career Career planning is an activity every professional should participate in periodically throughout their working life. In addition to setting short and long-range goals, career planning can help you anticipate challenges you might encounter as you implement your plans. Creating career plans involves reflection and identifying what strengths […]

Making Wellness Stick

4 Elements of a Plan that Enable Progress  To embody wellness, you need a realistic approach. But the approach itself is not enough. For wellness to endure you must develop the habits to support your desired outcomes. Last year, a family medical emergency brought home the importance of wellness to me. We’d always been healthy, […]

How to Balance Goal Setting with Reality

We can often achieve our goals. But to take goal setting to another level, to achieve more challenging goals or more goals simultaneously, you need to approach goal setting differently. You need to balance goal setting with reality. And the reality that I’ve seen involves people pushing themselves harder and putting in more and more […]


Self-Care Mistakes Most People Make (& How to Avoid Them)

To truly benefit from self-care practices, you need understanding, motivation, and adaptability. But setting and achieving self-care goals can be challenging. Sometimes it seems as if everything else must have your attention and energy, often leaving you with little time or motivation to care for yourself. You know self-care is important, but the demands of […]