Month: May 2018

Manage Right, Right Now: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Strategic planning is a process normally undertaken by leadership with input from key stakeholders. The result is a plan that includes goals and strategies for achieving the goals. The process prompts the allocation of resources and decisions about outcomes and how progress will be tracked, measured and reported. Strategic plans are typically used […]

goal setting

Manage Right, Right Now: Your Role in the Goal Setting Process

  Managers are responsible for communicating organizational goals with employees and helping them understand these broader goals and how their goals are related. They also encourage employees to participate in the goal setting process, providing input about how their efforts can contribute to departmental and organizational goals. Conversations with employees about goal setting can help […]

goal setting

Manage Right, Right Now: Introduction to Goal Setting

Goal setting can be one of the most powerful tools you have as a manager. It certainly is the one with the greatest potential. Goal setting can serve as the foundation from which you can guide individuals and foster engagement while achieving broader organizational objectives and shareholder satisfaction. On the other hand, mishandling the goal […]

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