Month: February 2018

goal clarity

Manage Right, Right Now: Being Strategic, Tactical or Operational

Every manager has abilities and preferences for how they accomplish work. Everyone does not possess the ability or desire to function strategically, tactically and operationally. Highly effective leaders will help identify your strengths and position you to thrive using your strengths while improving or offsetting your weaknesses. Many managers are quite comfortable within an operational […]

Manage Right, Right Now: Inheriting Under-performing Employees

New managers are often faced with supervising under-performing employees. While these situations can prove challenging for even the most seasoned managers, they can be even more complicated when poor performance has been allowed over a period of years or when the organization lacks the policies, procedures or appropriate leadership to manage performance. Understanding History Meeting […]

goal setting

Manage Right, Right Now: Setting Goals with Employees

Goal setting matters because organizational performance, revenue and sustainability rely on it. Goal setting impacts culture and contributes to the establishment of the norms that guide employee behavior. It also matters from a talent attraction standpoint. Managers are uniquely positioned to impact the success of organizations and the careers of employees. Those who use goal […]

knowing your numbers

Manage Right, Right Now: Knowing Your Numbers

One of the most important actions you can take involves understanding finance, both your personal finances and those of the organization where you are employed. If this is an area of weakness for you, improve your understanding through coursework or by researching information electronically or by meeting with professionals. The importance of understanding how money […]

modeling the way

Manage Right, Right Now: Modeling the Way for Employees

As a manager you have responsibility for setting the example you want others to follow. You should not only demonstrate alignment of your actions with organizational policies and procedures but also by exhibiting high standards and values reflective of the organization. This means being genuine and forthright in all that you do both at work […]


Manage Right, Right Now: Partnering with Your Peers

Your peers will be one of the biggest assets to you in your new role as manager. Other managers within your organization can provide information about the organization, operations and competitors. They can help you learn about and understand the culture. You can also help each other by contributing your time and talent to one […]

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