Year: 2018


Getting a Job in an Industry with Minimal Experience

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash  One of the most challenging positions to be in as a professional is to want a job in an industry where you have little, if any, experience. Increasingly companies hire based upon potential and personality. Yes, competencies do matter but many companies are looking for cultural fit. They are often […]

confirming your goals

Manage Right, Right Now: Updating Your Goals

Periodically updating your goals is important to your team and direct reports as well as to the broader organization. Your role should involve a commitment to regular reviews of progress while using resources to empower employees to do their work. This also involves being prepared to forecast needed resources and re-allocate resources and staffing quickly […]


Manage Right, Right Now: Confirming Your Goals

When you assume your role as manager, you should confirm the goal setting process including the frequency in which annual goals need set for you and your team. Once your goals and those of your direct reports have been confirmed, you can prepare to work toward your goals while providing guidance and support for employees […]

career planning

What Does Your Career Plan Look Like?

Over the past 10 years, I have focused increasingly on my career plan—my short and long-term plans and what I needed to do to achieve my goals. I have seen steady progress since I accepted responsibility for my career and success. But the past five years represent the greatest increase in my progress. I want […]

Manage Right, Right Now: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Strategic planning is a process normally undertaken by leadership with input from key stakeholders. The result is a plan that includes goals and strategies for achieving the goals. The process prompts the allocation of resources and decisions about outcomes and how progress will be tracked, measured and reported. Strategic plans are typically used […]

goal setting

Manage Right, Right Now: Your Role in the Goal Setting Process

  Managers are responsible for communicating organizational goals with employees and helping them understand these broader goals and how their goals are related. They also encourage employees to participate in the goal setting process, providing input about how their efforts can contribute to departmental and organizational goals. Conversations with employees about goal setting can help […]

goal setting

Manage Right, Right Now: Introduction to Goal Setting

Goal setting can be one of the most powerful tools you have as a manager. It certainly is the one with the greatest potential. Goal setting can serve as the foundation from which you can guide individuals and foster engagement while achieving broader organizational objectives and shareholder satisfaction. On the other hand, mishandling the goal […]

goal clarity

Manage Right, Right Now: Being Strategic, Tactical or Operational

Every manager has abilities and preferences for how they accomplish work. Everyone does not possess the ability or desire to function strategically, tactically and operationally. Highly effective leaders will help identify your strengths and position you to thrive using your strengths while improving or offsetting your weaknesses. Many managers are quite comfortable within an operational […]

Manage Right, Right Now: Inheriting Under-performing Employees

New managers are often faced with supervising under-performing employees. While these situations can prove challenging for even the most seasoned managers, they can be even more complicated when poor performance has been allowed over a period of years or when the organization lacks the policies, procedures or appropriate leadership to manage performance. Understanding History Meeting […]

goal setting

Manage Right, Right Now: Setting Goals with Employees

Goal setting matters because organizational performance, revenue and sustainability rely on it. Goal setting impacts culture and contributes to the establishment of the norms that guide employee behavior. It also matters from a talent attraction standpoint. Managers are uniquely positioned to impact the success of organizations and the careers of employees. Those who use goal […]

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