Month: April 2017

thankful for professionally

3 Things I Will Always Be Thankful for Professionally

  Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with a large, diverse group of talented people. I have learned a great deal from them and I have also had the opportunity to provide guidance and support as well. There are many experiences that I am thankful for but here are three key things […]

employee confidence

Two Ways New Managers Can Gain Employee Confidence Quickly

New Managers Can Gain Employee Confidence Quickly Using Planned Communications Employee performance, operations and leadership expectations are only a few aspects new managers must understand and be prepared to handle. Daily activities, learning about organizational history and being able to address short term problems while planning for the future contribute to the pressures new managers […]

Goal Setting Basics for Managers

  Positioning Employees for Success with Goal Setting Understanding how to set goals can position you and your team for success. Effective goal setting begins with understanding and using a few goal setting basics, including common terminology. For example, you could set goals for your employees but without providing them with objectives to be met […]

Twitter for Career Development

Using Twitter for Career Development

Social Media and Career Development Most professionals are very busy, with many feeling over committed or struggling to make time for everything they want to accomplish. With new opportunities and social norms continuing to evolve, the savviest professionals understand the importance of deciding how they will use social media for career development—this includes selecting which […]

performance management

Build High Performing Teams

Prepare to Build a High Performing Team How to build high performing teams is one of the biggest challenges faced by managers. Managers who inherit employees need to invest time and effort to ensure they have the right people on the team and that the team has the guidance and support to do their best […]

leveraging your network during a job search

Leverage Your Network During Your Job Search

  Leverage Your Network During Your Job Search Relationships are the key to your professional success. You will need to leverage your network during a job search and throughout your career. Opportunities often result because of who knows you and what you are capable of. Your connections can offer you opportunities directly or refer you […]

Managing without Guidance

What Managing Without Guidance Can Cost Us

Management is a Preparedness Issue Hiring, training and attrition cost us a lot – much more than we might think: First, it can cost us our jobs. We may think because we’ve acquired a certain level of experience and education that we’re somewhat insulated from cutbacks or outsourcing but that’s not everyone’s reality. Yes, some […]

employee success

A Surprisingly Simple Tactic for Improving Employee Success

Managers Can Help Improve Employee Success It goes without saying that employees need information, training and support to perform their jobs. Yet even the best organizations struggle with ensuring communication is consistent and timely and that employees are made aware of important information. Unfortunately, when communication is lacking for whatever reason, employees become frustrated and […]

professional reputation - networking

Build a Professional Reputation You Can Be Proud Of

Personal and professional commitments keep even the most organized professionals striving to keep up or do more, often in less time. Demands for our time and attention are nothing new—what is new to many involves proactively managing your reputation in spite of so many demands. Savvy professionals, particularly those with aggressive plans for their careers, […]