Year: 2017

new managers

New Managers: Get Up to Speed Quickly

Starting as a manager with a new organization can be overwhelming or stressful at the least, even for the most seasoned manager. A new supervisor and expectations can also be sources of pressure for new managers. Many managers tend to rely on their experience, education and other credentials or recommendations to support them in their […]


3 Simple Ways Managers Can Recognize Employees

Recognition can be powerful for both employees and managers. Managers can recognize employees in three simple ways to boost morale and productivity. Waiting to give feedback during performance evaluations or during other time-based activities such as award ceremonies, can actually backfire—employees who aren’t recognized in a timely manner for their efforts may wrongly believe that management […]

take initiative

Take Initiative in the Workplace

Are you someone who’s known for showing initiative? If not, you may be negatively impacting your ability to be promoted or secure a new position. Initiative is, “the ability to assess and initiate things independently” (   Stand Out From Your Peers Applicants for new positions are commonly asked to describe an example of a […]


Use Perseverance to Create the Life You Want

Life can bring us tremendous joy and satisfaction. It can also bring us the most daunting challenges—some of which we wonder how we’ll make it through. When it comes to the deliberate pursuit of goals, everyone has a different approach. The approach you will take in pursuit of your goals can impact the success you […]

Volunteering Helps Others and Helps You Develop

Hurricane Harvey brought chaos and devastation to the lives of so many people. It also highlighted how people selflessly serve others. People risked their lives to help one another, making personal sacrifices for complete strangers, animals and communities. One photograph posted on Twitter by Michael Berry (@MichaelBerrySho), caught my attention—it was a line of people […]

career success

Three Keys to Career Success

It doesn’t matter if you are a recent graduate or seasoned professional, three key aspects can help you achieve career success. Too often, professionals focus on only one or two of these areas at a time without leveraging the power of how they can be connected. It is no longer sufficient to work with coaches […]

employee learning and development

Goal Setting and Employee Learning and Development

Your Role as a Manager Economic conditions, advances in technology and the pace of global change require organizations to operate differently than in years past. Organizations who survive and thrive in these times will be customer focused, agile and prepared to implement new practices quickly that save or make money. An appreciation for diversity, global […]

thankful for professionally

3 Things I Will Always Be Thankful for Professionally

  Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with a large, diverse group of talented people. I have learned a great deal from them and I have also had the opportunity to provide guidance and support as well. There are many experiences that I am thankful for but here are three key things […]

employee confidence

Two Ways New Managers Can Gain Employee Confidence Quickly

New Managers Can Gain Employee Confidence Quickly Using Planned Communications Employee performance, operations and leadership expectations are only a few aspects new managers must understand and be prepared to handle. Daily activities, learning about organizational history and being able to address short term problems while planning for the future contribute to the pressures new managers […]

Goal Setting Basics for Managers

  Positioning Employees for Success with Goal Setting Understanding how to set goals can position you and your team for success. Effective goal setting begins with understanding and using a few goal setting basics, including common terminology. For example, you could set goals for your employees but without providing them with objectives to be met […]