Year: 2016


12 Things Savvy Professionals Do

Savvy professionals manage their careers and personal responsibilities while ensuring they are prepared to change jobs when necessary. They own their personal and professional development and take consistent action to stay prepared during the life of their careers. Consider these aspects so you too can prepare yourself to stay savvy and prepared for any job […]

Twitter for Career Development

Personal Branding: Making the Right First Impression

Making the right first impression is critical to every professional, especially for those new to an organization. When you’re new, everyone wants to understand your plans and your approach to achieving them. Your direct reports have an even keener interest in you—they will strive to understand how your goals will impact them. More importantly, your […]

performance evaluations

Avoiding Performance Evaluation Mistakes

Many managers dread performance evaluations. Preferences, inexperience and a lack of training or confidence in themselves or the organization’s process are common reasons for this dread. Decreased morale or productivity and even attrition or lawsuits can result from poorly defined performance standards or misunderstood standards. Managers need to understand their role and the performance evaluation […]

Goal Setting with Inherited Staff

Managing inherited teams can be tough, particularly if you inherit under performing employees. On occasion new managers are brought in to implement structure and even encourage attrition. Oftentimes managers are hired to work within existing structures. This can be a bit unnerving for the manager who discovers that the organization lacks appropriately skilled employees or […]

Be Unique to Get the Job

I noticed Paul Drury, HR & Recruitment Blog Ghostwriter at, posted the following with his wife’s photo and a sign with “hire me” on LinkedIn a couple of days ago: “This is Julia. She is my wife. She is looking for a job in Logistics. (one hour from Cambridge, UK) She will kill me […]

Today’s Workplace: Thriving in Your First 90 Days

By Andy Gregory and Tuesday Strong. Andy is founder of recruiting firm CGP Network. Tuesday Strong is founder of Strong Performance Management LLC. Originally published on Inside Indiana Business on January 18, 2016.   As awkward and difficult as starting a new job can be, the flip side is a clean slate. What are you […]

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