Year: 2014

Overcoming Obstacles

We had the honor of meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills and attending a screening of Running Brave, a film about his life, this weekend. Billy’s story is unique—he overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve his goal of winning in the Olympics. “A member of the Oglala Sioux tribe, Mills was brought up in impoverished circumstances […]

Stay Engaged to Increase Opportunities

While it may seem to go without saying that you can increase the number and quality of the opportunities you receive by staying engaged with others some fail to realize the importance of this seemingly simple concept. Successful professionals realize the importance of staying engaged and active with their networks and ensuring time is built […]


A New Manager’s 90-Day Success Plan

Learn to Be a High Performing Manager You can maximize your performance as a new manager by using an action plan to guide your first 90-days in your new role. Remember that you’ll need to adapt your plans as you engage with others and learn more about the organization, leadership, and staff. Understand your short […]

Badlands National Park

Progress in Your Career

Breaking from Routine Can Be Good for Your Career Routines serve to guide us by helping us make progress toward our goals and by providing organization to our lives. They can create a sense of stability which in turn enables us to relax and move confidently through our days as we complete various activities. Routines […]


Low Cost Ways to Continue Your Professional Development

Professionals who anticipate changes are more likely to act and transition with the least amount of disruption to their lives. In fact, the ability to be anticipatory is gaining attention as a competency desired of employees. No doubt, being anticipatory in your role for your employer is valuable but it’s also valuable to you as […]

Competitive Advantage

Brand Ambassadors Can Improve Engagement, Customer Service and Revenue

Understanding Brand Ambassadors Brand ambassadors represent organizations by sharing information about the organization and its’ products or services that informs or motivates customers. Most employees are brand ambassadors. Their effectiveness as brand ambassadors depends upon various factors including the organization. Many organizations fail to realize the asset their employees are in this context and opportunities […]

Bridge over the Mississippi River

Stretch Development in this Employment Era

Using Stretch Development to Adapt and Thrive Recruiting practices and talent management continue their evolution accelerated by several factors including competition, technology and globalization. Professionals need to understand expectations and adapt in order to survive and thrive in these new times. Adapting also often involves learning and development. Effective growth more often than not involves […]

Is being exceptional really this simple?

Could it really come down to effort? Yes, it’s really possible to realize the benefits of being an exceptional candidate or from doing a great job if you put forth the effort. Effort can help you stand out from your peers and other professionals whether you’re in a job or career that you want to […]

Focus Your Job Search on What Matters

Communicating Your Value Proposition I recently read, “Strategy Is Not about the Competition” and couldn’t help but relate the article to managing a job search. Ken Favaro points out, “when strategy is about competitors, leaders lose focus on the unlimited opportunities to grow customer value.” This concept can also be applied to a job search. […]

OWN IT! Take Charge of Your Career

Have You Taken Charge of Your Career? Technology, globalization and the pace of change continue to be drivers for independent career management. Work environments and the way in which we work and think about work continue to change at an accelerated pace. Career management is also changing. Savvy professionals realize that they (not their employers) are […]

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