Year: 2013

Planning for a New Career

A New Career Begins with Understanding Your Needs/Preferences The amount of self reflection that will be useful to you will depend upon your circumstances and the progress you’ve made in the process of planning for a new career or job search.  The purpose of this exercise is to encourage a review of the attributes of […]

Start-ups and Job Seekers Use Technology to Add Value

Q & A with Chris Russell, CEO of CareerCloud, LLC I’m excited to share a snapshot of my recent Q & A with Chris Russell, CEO of CareerCloud, LLC, with you.  What’s exciting for me is the opportunity to highlight the creative ways in which technology based start-ups are discovering new ways to add value […]

Professional Development Plans and Your Career

Managing Your Career with Professional Development Plans   Professional development plans can be quite useful in managing your career.  They can help align your efforts and resources with your goals.  Professional development plans do not need to be complicated or take considerable amounts of your time.  Making them useful involves your willingness to be adaptable […]

You are Responsible for Your Career, Own Your Professional Development

Own Your Professional Development   Too often professionals rely on the advice of their management or human resources departments in isolation to guide their professional development.  While I agree their feedback and guidance is very important to your performance at your present place of employment, if you rely on it in isolation you may be […]

Professionals and Career Management

Manage Your Career Before You Need To   For the majority of jobs it’s no longer realistic to believe that anyone will be in any one position for several years, let alone for the life of their career.  Yes, there are professions that are exceptions (physicians, attorneys, and others).  Work environments and the way in […]

Stay Relevant in the Job Market by Understanding Your Career Life Cycle

How Relevant are You in Today’s Job Market?   Much is being discussed these days about how to remain relevant (and employable) in such a competitive job market.  I participated in a pilot program offered by the Indiana University Alumni Association about a year ago and was exposed to the idea that understanding and being able to tell […]

Who is Managing Your Career?

ARE YOU PROACTIVELY MANAGING YOUR CAREER?  Have you assumed responsibility for your career?  Are you letting your employment situation dictate your focus?  Or do you simply tell yourself you’re too busy to add anything more to your schedule?  If you’re not proactively managing your career don’t be surprised when you’re not promoted or considered for […]

Delivering Customer Service Every Day

Customer Service is Everyone’s Job   In these times of heightened competition, incredible workloads, and increasing levels of stress, some individuals fail to consistently put the customer first even though customer service is everyone’s job.  Who has the time to reflect upon the basics that can help when delivering customer service?  Serving others is why […]

Stress and Work

Managing Stress and Work   If you are not one, you most likely know overworked professionals who are trying to do too much and manage stress and work.  If this is you, my advice is to keep going but only after you stop to assess your goals and recommit to what’s important and what you […]

Career Success

Your Career Success   Many of us have been taught to believe it’s best for us to simply work hard, go to school, get a good job and raise a family. And for many, this is a most rewarding path to follow. Throughout our lives we may meet people who are quite passionate about what […]

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