Month: January 2013

Brand Ambassadors are Your Organization’s Storytellers

How Did Your Brand Ambassadors Learn the Stories?   Brands establish relationships through promises of value to customers.  An organization’s story of their brand, or their brand narrative, communicates how they add value for customers by meeting needs.  Brand ambassadors learn the brand’s story from the organization’s actions. This value proposition is held in high regard […]

Grow Market Awareness with Brand Ambassadors

Grow Market Awareness   Technology and progress have resulted in unparalleled level of connectivity and instant access to individuals and their networks.  Organizations can grow market awareness with brand ambassadors.  Relationships are more valuable than ever to organizations when information can literally be shared worldwide within the blink of an eye.  Given relationships are built […]

Why Today’s Economy Needs Brand Ambassadors

Organizations continue to realize the impacts of the more recent economic downturn.  Strained economies, cost cutting measures, and other operational changes are more commonplace as organizations continually seek ways to accomplish more with less with the goal of saving time and money.  In addition to the impact of more restrained spending and investment some are also […]

Increase Customer Loyalty

Brand Ambassadors Influence Customer Loyalty   A special type of engagement occurs when employees genuinely care about customers and go above and beyond for them whenever possible, even when doing so isn’t formally part of their job duties.  I consider this ‘stellar engagement’ because it elevates both customer and employee experiences.  When this occurs customers […]

New Initiative Promotes Hiring Our Military Veterans

Hiring Our Military Veterans   Thank you to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Toyota, and Sergeant Dakota Meyer for partnering to create programming to help veterans translate their military experience into civilian equivalents using personal branding tools.  Now is the time to focus on hiring our military veterans.  Unemployment statistics, industries in decline, and […]

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