Year: 2012

Personal Branding: Know Yourself

Many of us go through various exercises throughout our careers to “discover” what we’re drawn to and frankly, what we’re good at.  Knowing yourself begins with understanding what positions you to be the most content and productive.  To better understand what matters to you and what you can use to your advantage in your job […]

What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is Your Reputation Personal branding is a combination of interactions and perceptions. It involves every interaction others have with you and how they feel about you.  Every interaction people have with you is an opportunity to build or detract from your brand. Personal Branding is about Trust and Relationships There are many ways […]

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The Market Matters

According to a 2011 Jobvite survey 93% of recruiters used LinkedIn to find qualified candidates, up from 87% last year.  Recruiters are using LinkedIn to locate both active and passive candidates. LinkedIn provides a platform where you can showcase samples of your work and expertise.  In addition to maintaining current information on LinkedIn you may […]

Engage Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Employees are Brand Ambassadors   The phrase “brand ambassador” is no longer limited to individuals in official positions as company marketing representatives.  Everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador.  Effectiveness in this role depends on several factors, many of which can be influenced by the employer.  Employees throughout all levels can be excellent brand […]

Advance Your Career: Be an Asset to Your Employer

Advance Your Career: Be the Obvious Choice!   Most of us know of someone that has been affected by job loss. Permanent employment is nearly a term used exclusively by prior generations. There are several actions you can take now to position yourself to be preferred by your employer. Particularly during difficult economic times employers […]

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Transitioning to a New Career with Limited Experience

Transitioning to a New Career    Transitioning to a new career can be challenging.  Your approach impacts your success and level of frustration.  Increased competition for positions has become more of a norm due to the continued state of the economy and the employment situation.  Individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or those simply looking for […]

Being a Brand Ambassador Can Help You in Your Job Search

Savvy brand ambassadors have the advantage over other job seekers because they understand their organizations and can speak to their value within any setting whether it’s professional or personal. This ability to articulate messaging within various contexts makes brand ambassadors valuable and highly sought after resources. Consider the middle manager seeking a new position. If […]

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Understand Your Skills

Skills are the Foundation for Career Transitions   Successful career transitions are impacted by how well you understand your skills.  By definition skills are competencies which are transferable to several work settings. Richard Nelson Bolles does an excellent job in “What Color is Your Parachute” of providing a comprehensive framework for evaluating your skills.  By […]

Understanding Your Work Style Preferences

Your Work Style Preferences Understanding your personality type and your work style preferences can help you as you develop career and performance management plans. Personality refers to one’s patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. Various tools are available to help identify your personality type and work style preferences. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II), the Myers-Briggs […]

Understanding Your Passion

Passion is Key to Performance and Happiness   So how do you begin to understand your passion?  Start with answering a few questions.  What lights your fire? What do you or would you do for free if possible? Few people really flourish in environments that prevent them from being passionate about their work. Many people […]

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