Year: 2012

Brand Ambassadors Contribute to Success

Brand Ambassadors Add Value   Loyal, engaged brand ambassadors can contribute to an organization’s stability, growth, and longevity by serving as an additional channel of communication; strengthening relationships; establishing new relationships; preventing the loss of customers; and by saving time and money.    Serving as an additional channel of communication Brand ambassadors tell an organization’s […]

Investing in Brand Ambassador Programs

Why are brand ambassador programs not more common if they are so valuable to organizations?  The answer in part, may involve the economy.  Many organizations lack the funding to invest in new initiatives and training during economic downturns.  Organizational size, business strategy and at times, regulation, impact how resources are allocated.  Funding for operations and […]

All Employees are Brand Ambassadors

Not Just Front Line Employees are Brand Ambassadors   All employees, whether or not they interact directly with customers as part of their daily duties, are brand ambassadors.  Managers, administrators, employees in leadership positions and other “behind the scenes” employees are all brand ambassadors whether or not they think of themselves in this way.    […]

You Know Brand Ambassadors

Most of us interact with brand ambassadors daily.  More often than not when people meet one another they ask one another a version of “where do you work?” or “what do you do?”  Occupations or employers are often discussed during networking and when interacting with a new business or service provider.  It does not matter […]

Understanding Brand Ambassadors

All Employees are Brand Ambassadors   Brand ambassadors represent organizations by sharing information about the organization and its products or services that informs or motivates customers. Odds are that most employees could be considered brand ambassadors. How effective they are at representing the organization depends on various factors, many of which are influenced by the organization. […]

Develop Your Career by Staying Focused

Can You Help Develop Your Career by Staying Focused?   What have you done lately to help develop your career by staying focused?  It was while watching a great blue heron during a beautiful Captiva Island sunset that I realized how similar we are—that heron and me.  The heron was doing his job.  He moved […]

Business Development is Built on Trust

Business Development and Brand Ambassadors   People Tend to Trust Someone They Know, Before They Trust a Commercial or an Advertisement In this age of over-stimulation and the influx of marketing seemingly from everywhere, consumers are tuning out more and more from traditional marketing channels, e.g., TiVo and the avoidance of the majority of televised […]

Brand Ambassadors Know What’s Trending

What’s Trending?  Ask Brand Ambassadors   Brand ambassadors are usually “in the know” and appreciate the value of staying current with news, trends, and progress in general.  Many are savvy users of technology who connect socially online and in person, actively growing and enriching their networks.  They are often a resource for others and have […]

Being a Brand Ambassador

Being a Brand Ambassador   Being a brand ambassador for your organization results in many benefits for the organization but it also benefits you—you are proactively participating in your professional development, enhancing your communications skills, growing your network, and distinguishing yourself from your peers.  Each interaction positions you to strengthen bonds, grow your network, and […]

Be a Brand Ambassador

Want to Improve Your Career? Be a Brand Ambassador   As a brand ambassador your network will develop naturally and connect you with others, positioning you as a source of information and as a connection to your organization.  When you decide to be a brand ambassador, you may continue to strengthen relationships beneficial to you […]