12 Things Savvy Professionals Do

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Savvy professionals manage their careers and personal responsibilities while ensuring they are prepared to change jobs when necessary. They own their personal and professional development and take consistent action to stay prepared during the life of their careers. Consider these aspects so you too can prepare yourself to stay savvy and prepared for any job change.

  1. Own Their Development

They respect and leverage that they are responsible for their development. Ever aware of their goals and the dynamic evolution of industries and jobs, they proactively ensure they remain prepared with in-demand skills.

  1. Commit to Wellness

Savvy professionals understand the importance of caring for their mind, body and spirit. They participate in regular physical activity and nurture their mental and spiritual health. They change their mindset and habits, evolving over time to support their development and needs.

  1. Network Strategically

They give to others and understand the importance of adding value. They develop meaningful relationships throughout a diverse network. They invest in existing relationships and take action to strategically develop the relationships necessary to accomplish goals.

  1. Live Without Debt

Savvy professionals embrace the work involved in eliminating debt. They appreciate the empowerment that stems from sacrificing to achieve their financial goals. They take action to eliminate debt based upon a plan that enables consistent progress considering both their short and long term goals.

  1. Manage Their Reputation

They recognize that every interaction they have with others impacts their reputation. They understand their communication preferences and the importance of adapting to those of others. They strive to add value and be known for what they’re capable of and for their accomplishments.

  1. Focus on Saving

You won’t meet a truly savvy professional who doesn’t focus on saving. They know they will need additional funds for unplanned situations. They maintain an emergency fund capable of sustaining their lifestyle for a minimum of six months to one year.

  1. Set and Realize Challenging Goals

Savvy professionals understand that they are responsible for their careers. They are self-motivated and know how to set and realize multiple goals simultaneously. Their goals and actions result in measurable personal and professional development.

  1. Work with a Mentor

Savvy professionals continually develop with the guidance of a mentor. They hold themselves accountable, respect the mentoring relationship and recognize the need for multiple mentors throughout their lives.

  1. Volunteer

They view volunteering as an imperative. They are charitable and have a sense of obligation to serve others and their community.

  1. Embrace Change

Forward thinking and flexible, savvy professionals anticipate and embrace change. Their positive attitude and willingness to learn and continually develop positions them for new opportunities.

  1. Plan for Retirement

They work through a plan to achieve their retirement goals. They estimate their financial needs in retirement and develop and implement the plans to ensure they have the assets, insurance and income streams to support their desired lifestyle.

  1. Take Time Off

They appreciate and thrive in their work. Their work ethic and commitment are unquestionable. They maintain boundaries to ensure the appropriate amount of time and energy for their personal and professional lives. They manage themselves to ensure they are present and engaged in every situation.



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