Being a Brand Ambassador


Being a brand ambassador for your organization results in many benefits for the organization but it also benefits you—you are proactively participating in your professional development, enhancing your communications skills, growing your network, and distinguishing yourself from your peers.  Each interaction positions you to strengthen bonds, grow your network, and be a highly sought after employee.

Once you discover that you do serve as a brand ambassador, formally trained or not, and that you’re effective, you should recognize your ability to transfer your understanding and techniques to other environments and situations.  Whether as an employee, volunteer, community or church member your awareness of the value in proactively communicating on behalf of others can positively impact your career or job prospects.  Being a brand ambassador has several benefits.  As an effective brand ambassador, consider the following opportunities, you can:

  • Train or mentor others;
  • Be an obvious choice for opportunities or greater responsibilities;
  • Be a resource for management by being a source for market information; or
  • Communicate how your serving in this role adds value to your organization and how you can add value from day one for another employer.


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