Advance Your Career: Be the Obvious Choice!


Most of us know of someone that has been affected by job loss. Permanent employment is nearly a term used exclusively by prior generations. There are several actions you can take now to position yourself to be preferred by your employer. Particularly during difficult economic times employers tend to favor high performers. As an employee you can use this to your advantage by understanding and taking action to benefit from being an outstanding performer. The key is not keeping your head down and plugging away at your job in the hope you won’t be discussed during conversations about layoffs or terminations. You want to be discussedyou want to be the obvious choice of who to retain. 


Quick Steps to Position Yourself for Increased Performance and Continued Employment

1)  Understand your organization’s industry and its’ position within the industry.

2)  Understand your organization’s goals and what financial targets must be met in the short and long-term to keep the organization viable.

3)  Partner with your supervisor to make even greater contributions to your department’s goals.

4)  Understand the expectations for your performance and exceed them consistently.

5)  Create and actively manage your personal marketing campaign. This includes promoting your personal value proposition.

6)  When possible, find ways to save money and improve efficiencies.

7)  Be positive and personable.

8)   Be a genuine team player.

9)  Volunteer to take on new tasks.

10)  Network internally at various levels.

Get started today – Advance Your Career!

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