Tuesday StrongBy day, Tuesday is a project manager and brand ambassador who is tasked with strategic initiatives that result in organizational development.  Tuesday’s role positions her to work with high caliber talent using human resources, strategy,  marketing and communications.

Achieving success in performance management and client relations, Tuesday is now focused on using her knowledge and experience to help others learn and thrive.  Tuesday is passionate about using her performance management and coaching expertise to position others for success.

Appreciating Ghandhi’s encouragement to “be the change you wish to see in the world” and earning numerous progressive leadership positions throughout her career, Tuesday constantly strives for personal and professional development while empowering and supporting others to realize their potential.

Tuesday possesses the discipline and drive to fulfill stretch goals evidenced by having completed four college degrees while employed full-time since the age of sixteen.  She believes regardless of your circumstances, success is within reach.


Talent Development + Personal Branding

Tuesday’s realization of the importance of combining performance management with personal branding leveraging technology occurred as she progressed through a personal branding program offered by the Indiana University Alumni Association.  Having been a proponent of proactive professional development for nearly twenty years, the concept of personal branding came naturally to Tuesday and this blog was the result.  Tuesday’s goal is to continue her development while providing others with a progressive approach to career management.

Tuesday’s resume.

Tuesday Strong:  My Story

When I was eleven years old I ran away for the first time.  By age fourteen, I was sent to private school.  After a year and a half in private school, I ran away from there as well.  I dropped out of school when I was fifteen and began my first job when I turned sixteen and I have worked full-time since.

At eighteen, I received my GED and took a couple of college classes during my twenties.  Inspired by my supervisor at the time and now long-time friend and mentor, I discovered a program that enabled women to work full-time and take classes that led to a reputable degree.  My true educational journey began at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.  So at twenty-nine, I returned to college – this time as a serious student.  I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree in five years while working full-time.  I began a practice that I continued for the next ten years, nearly every morning I was up at 4:30 a.m. studying before I went to work.  To say it was worth it is such an understatement.

After completing my undergraduate degree I took a couple of weeks off and began a master’s program that, to my surprise, I finished in a year with a perfect grade point average.  My study habits were disciplined and my determination resolved.

By then I had developed a serious passion for learning and was convinced that my calling was to teach so I set out to earn a doctorate.  However, there was a small problem with this plan – remember I dropped out of high school?  I never completed algebra.  So I worked with a tutor and studied and studied algebra in anticipation of taking the Graduate Record Exam that was required for admittance to the program.  I had found one of the few reputable programs in a field of interest to me with the programming designed for working professionals.  I took the GRE a few times and did poorly on the math portion each time but I applied to the doctoral program anyway.  I was denied admittance due to my GRE scores and was devastated.

Plan B for me involved the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.  Yes, I’d been denied admittance to a doctoral program and then proceeded to try and gain admittance to a top 20 MBA program.  Highly resilient and full of drive, I was anything but realistic.  I was determined to continue my education.  Thankfully, I exceeded the conditional admittance requirements and went on to receive an MBA and a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Management.

So as you can image for the longest time I didn’t speak publicly about being a runaway or the impact that my early decisions had on my life.  It was upsetting to me personally and I saw no connection to anything positive about it until I participated in a personal branding program offered by the IU Alumni Association.  During the exercises in the personal branding program I came to understand how my experiences are evidence of my work ethic and adaptability.  I also learned how my experiences make me unique and can be used to show others how I can add value.  I came to appreciate the value of my story. 

I also came to appreciate the value of my human resources and marketing experience and education in a new way.  I recognized how marrying human resources and marketing could be valuable to professionals when they discover how they can benefit from owning their professional development and the management of their personal brands.  Having naturally been one for years, I recognized the importance of brand ambassadors to organizations as well as the value that employees can realize by serving in such a capacity.

My story involves my receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Development from Indiana State University, and a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Management and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.  I am a Certified Professional in Human Resources through the HR Certification Institute.  I completed the Management Development Program at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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